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Careers at Viberts

Company culture

We believe that being comfortable at work and feeling supported and valued are often key influences on an employee’s happiness in the workplace. By cultivating a supportive environment, helping to nurture the talent of our staff and offering flexibility, we find that our staff give their best in return. 

The effect of the culture in the work place cannot be underestimated. This has a direct bearing on staff retention.  A culture emanates from within an organisation and from its key people. It is therefore important to employ people that are the right fit for the business.

We do not discriminate and employ the right people for the right jobs. Our partners are hands on with clients and staff and encourage a collaborative and collegic team environment. We develop our talent and encourage training across the board.

At Viberts we can offer flexibility, not just in working hours, but in our approach. As well as being ‘family friendly’, we also consider the individual needs of our employees.

Staff retention

Testament to employee happiness at Viberts is the impressive number of long-serving employees. Our seven partners alone have contributed 114 years of service to Viberts between them. We have also had several former staff return to us after having gone to work for another firm.

Development opportunities

Many employees value training and development opportunities more highly than financial reward, so we offer these readily. Each employee is treated on an individual basis so that their career progression plan matches their personal goals and ambitions, whilst also being focused on fairness within an organisation.


We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, although we believe that a combination of the elements above are a bigger contributing factor to our high level of staff retention.

Working at Viberts gives you the opportunity to work across a range of law practices, while retaining a core specialism. Many of our lawyers regularly attend court, which makes for a varied and challenging experience which can be extremely rewarding.

Bursary scheme & training contracts

We run a bursary scheme which is available to selected law students during the course of their studies. This allows students to gain invaluable practical knowledge of the workings of a law firm to complement their academic studies.

Applicants must be either studying or have a place confirmed to study law at university, with the intention of returning to Jersey to work in the legal sector at the end of their studies.

What’s in it for you?

The bursary scheme offers a financial grant towards your studies. In addition, you will have a minimum of 8 weeks’ paid work experience outside of term time, where you will gain first-hand insight into the workings of Viberts and its different practice areas.

Applications open in January for the start of the following academic year. Interviews take place during the Easter holidays.

We are also one of the few Jersey law firms who are able to offer training contracts which enable trainees to qualify as English solicitors whilst living and working in Jersey.

Events & Offers

There are currently no events or offers. Please check back again soon!

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