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Civil partnerships

Viberts is recognised as having the leading family law team in Jersey. Our team is committed to handling family law issues in an expert way that minimises conflict and stress for the parties involved.

Civil Partnerships

A civil partnership allows same sex couples to obtain essentially the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. This means that all the legal rights regarding financial provision and children also apply to couple entering into a civil partnership. The grounds for the dissolution of a civil partnership are the same as for divorce (with the exemption of adultery).

Civil Partnership case study – Sean and Billy’s story:

Billy seeks advice as three years ago he and Sean entered into a civil partnership but their relationship has now broken down due to Sean’s erratic and, at times, violent behaviour. Billy is concerned about his pension and the house they live in, which is in his sole name. He needs advice as to how matters can be resolved and the civil partnership dissolved.

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Free 30 minute family law consultation with our experienced family law team to discuss your matter.
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