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Commercial litigation

Viberts understand that being involved in any litigation, whether you are a sole owner of a small business or part of a large corporation, can be costly and time consuming.

The inevitable drain on time and finances is disruptive to businesses and is immensely worrying no matter how large your business may be. With this in mind, our approach to commercial litigation is to successfully conclude any action in the most cost and time efficient manner possible.

In line with the message regularly given by the Jersey courts to litigants, we advise our clients to explore alternative dispute resolution, for example by way of mediation or settlement meetings. We have strong connections with specialised mediators and have a successful track record of settling our cases outside of the court procedure. Advice to clients on when to explore alternative dispute resolution is vital and we will always provide clear and candid advice as to the merits of pursuing a case so clients can make informed decisions.

Clients have access to senior practitioners and partners throughout the conduct of the case. Whilst work will be delegated to the appropriate level of seniority, a case is always partner led. If the case reaches court, we have adept litigators who regularly appear before the Jersey Courts to fight your case. Our litigators  are experienced in some of the most ground-breaking and highly published cases in Jersey and where cases are multi-jurisdictional or require specialist counsel input, Viberts also has strong connections to UK counsel and law firms.

We provide the right advice in all types of commercial litigation, including:

  • Competition law
  • Corporate debts
  • Registering and enforcing a foreign judgment
  • Shareholder, director or partnership disputes
  • Shareholder minority, unfair prejudice or derivative actions
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