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Construction Disputes

Viberts’ litigation team regularly advises architects, building companies, contractors, developers, home owners, sub-contractors and other construction professionals in relation to residential and commercial construction disputes.

Typically construction projects include multiple parties and when something goes wrong it is difficult to determine who is legally responsible. Our specialist team can help identify the responsible party and provide the specialist advice needed to secure a remedy for the financial loss suffered. However, even when it is easy to identify who is at fault, it is not always possible to bring a claim for negligence. Not all errors constitute professional negligence and if the relevant party has carried out their duty with due care and skill they may not be liable. Whether you are pursuing or defending a professional negligence claim, we are able to provide clear and accurate advice as to the prospects of success of such a claim.  

More often than not construction disputes will involve expert evidence. Such evidence will play an important part in the success of a case so it is vital the right expert is instructed. Viberts work with a panel of carefully selected experts who are able to provide independent, skilled and specialist opinions. Crucially these experts have the requisite experience necessary to provide court compliant opinions and are adept at providing evidence in court should it be required. This collaborative approach ensures our clients have the strongest case possible.

Should your dispute be particularly complex or involve UK law (such as UK latent defects insurance), we work closely with a set of chambers which specialises in construction and insurance disputes.

The type of advice that Viberts provide in this area include:

> advising on the applicability of insurance;

> disputes relating to defective works/remedial works;

> disputes relating to final accounts, including delay and extension of time claims;

> payment disputes under construction contracts;

> professional negligence on construction projects;

> contractor / employer insolvency; and

> retention of title claims.

We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients obtain the right result without having to go to the expense of going to trial. Nearly all of our cases are concluded in this way, although unfortunately some cases have had to go to trial. 

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