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Brexit: EU Citizen Living in Jersey?

The Requirement to Apply for Settled Status


The good news is that, despite Brexit, EU citizens that live in Jersey are able to apply to Jersey Customs and Immigration Service for ‘settled status’ or ‘pre-settled status’ so that they can remain living and working in Jersey after the Brexit implementation period ends on 31stDecember 2020.

This new system will be introduced pursuant to the Jersey EU Settlement Scheme and qualification depends on the length of time an applicant has spent in Jersey and following criminality checks.


The Jersey Immigration Rules are scheduled to be amended in January 2019. Thereafter applications can be made until 31stDecember 2020. After that date, those affected will require settled status, or pre-settled status, to live and work in Jersey.


1. Those who are British or Irish Nationals do not need to make applications; however

2.  All other EU Nationals must apply (including those that presently have indefinite leave to remain or permanent residence). Those that have lived in Jersey for:

a.      a total of 5 years (by 31stDecember 2020) must apply for ‘settled status’;

b.      less than 5 years (prior to 31stDecember 2020) will need to apply for ‘pre-settled status’; and

3. Any close family members who are Nationals of non-EU countries that join an EU Citizen in Jersey before the December 2020 deadline are able to live with them by obtaining pre-settled status, then settled status after 5 years residence.

Such family members must be spouses or civil or unmarried partners or dependent children, grandchildren, parents and/or grandparents.


You will be able to find more information and apply online via www.gov.je. You will require your Passport or National Identity Document, your Jersey Social Security Number and must declare any criminal convictions that you may have. There will be a fee of £25 for adults and £12.50 for children.


If you are concerned about your application or that of a loved one or employer / employee please email Rebecca.Morley-Kirk@viberts.com or Giles.Emmanuel@viberts.com for more information and help.

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