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Conveyancing: It’s about far more than just property

These days there are differing approaches that conveyancing lawyers use in Jersey’s legal sector. One is to focus solely on the technical details of a property transaction and the other is, while doing a technically excellent job, also understanding that their clients are the single most important part of the transaction.

This has, in part, been caused by an increase in competition that has followed the recession and the ability of Jersey law firms to compete on price.

Quality of service

With the opening up of the market, there has been a realisation that it is not enough just to compete on price – in fact, the quality of service is more important than anything else. During the last decade or so the removal of the scale fee, together with contracts being drafted in English, has meant that Jersey conveyancing has changed more during this time than it had in centuries.

When you are buying or selling a property, it is the conveyancer who not only acts in your own interests but also provides a friendly face. They really want to see the transaction go through, not because there is any commission available on completion but because they are the professional adviser who takes pride from delivering a top quality service.

Providing a dedicated team

As property transactions have become more complicated, frequent and often conducted in haste, it is imperative that conveyancing teams adapt to change to enable them to be able to offer the highest levels of service.

As a buyer or seller, you have so much invested emotionally as well as financially and it is essential not only that you are able to rely on your lawyers and conveyancers but also that you are able to build a relationship with them that you that will last for years to come.

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