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Unhappy in your marriage during the lockdown? You can still get some advice.

Published: 21 April 2020

The lockdown in Jersey is having a heavy toll on many of us but if you feel trapped in an unhappy relationship life can be unbearable. In such difficult circumstances how can you get some discreet legal advice during the lockdown? At Viberts we have considered ways that this is still possible.

It is of course at the moment not possible to have face to face consultations in our office but we can instead offer the following options:

  • We can send you a written note of advice over email as long as your address is secure. You might want to consider using a safe email address, perhaps one that a friend is happy for you to use. If you email us your questions and a brief note of your circumstances we will provide this initial advice for free. You will then have the key information that will help you consider your next steps.
  • We can offer a live chat over WhatsApp (of up to 30 minutes) but again your account needs to be one that only you can access. Prior to this chat (which again will be free of charge) we will need some background information from you. We can then email a transcript of that chat to you and then the chat can be deleted if you are concerned about it being accessed by someone else.
  • If it is safe for you to do so we can offer a 30 minute phone consultation (free of charge) and email you a note of the main areas discussed.

Before we can advise you we will need to carry out the usual conflict check to ensure that we can act for you.

Even in these stressful times there is no need for anyone to feel confused and unhappy due to not being able to access expert advice.

At Viberts we have a dedicated team of family lawyers and we are available to assist you in a way that is not only discreet but will allow us to give you answers to many of your questions.

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