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Stéphane Rault

Property Law


Stéphane joined Viberts as a conveyancer in 2015. He is a Cambridge graduate and comes from a background of archaeology, having worked at English Heritage and the Department of Archæology at Newcastle University.

He has vast research experience including examining property contracts in the Public Registry in search of field-names giving clues to locations of lost monuments. These skills are ideally suited to the rigours of researching historical contracts related to properties. He is particularly comfortable with the older hand written French contracts and will often be found deciphering the script with a magnifying glass.

He has the added skill of being bilingual in French and English, French being the language of property contracts up to 2005/6. Around this time he decided to turn his researching passion and skills to the conveyancing field: he can decipher eighteenth-century contracts recorded in archaic French to ensure that key clauses and restrictions, which may otherwise cause a problem for the client in future, are not missed.

Stéphane is also a St. Helier roads inspector and his duties extend from branchage road inspections to recommendations about road repairs. He is an avid collector of old things, including 19th century (or earlier) marine telescopes.

Key Information

Department: Property
Additional Language: French
Year Joined: 2015
Education: Cambridge University (MA) - Archeology & Anthropology
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