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Need a second opinion on divorce?

We are happy to give a second opinion on divorce proceedings to anyone who is unsure of their own lawyer’s approach to their divorce.

There are a number of reasons why you may feel you need to seek a second opinion on divorce proceedings, including:

  • You have made initial enquiries but have not yet formally appointed a lawyer; shop around to be sure that you choose a lawyer who gives you confidence in their approach to your case and, importantly, that you are comfortable with. Divorce is a difficult time and you need to have someone who understands you.
  • You lose confidence in your lawyer’s ability and commitment.
  • You do not agree with your lawyer’s approach and/or feel like there could be a better one.
  • You feel like your lawyer is not being as thorough or focused on your case as you would expect.
  • Your relationship with your lawyer has turned sour.
  • You simply want reassurance and confirmation that your lawyer is on the right lines.
  • You aren’t getting a full picture of the case strategy.
  • You feel like you’re being strung along and are not clear on the steps in the process.
  • Your lawyer tells you that the only way to resolve things is through the court.
  • If you are worrying about any of the points above, it may be worth getting a second opinion for peace of mind.

Usually this is enough to resolve things and provide you with the reassurance you need. In the unusual situation that it confirms your doubts, your case can be transferred to us and this is relatively straightforward to do. We also recognise the impact that family law matters can have upon children and believe that they should be considered at the heart of decisions. Our family law team is one of the largest in Jersey and we have extensive experience.

Viberts offer a 1 hour consultation at a fixed cost, where we will listen to your concerns and make an assessment based on the key points of your case.

Call our family team today to book your consultation on: +44 (0) 1534 888666

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