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Using mediation (not court) in family law

Advocate Alexander English explains how mediation can be used in family law proceedings instead of going to court.

The process of applying for probate in Jersey

Ashley Bidmead explains the steps needed to obtain a grant of probate when someone has died. This document allows assets held in Jersey to be released.

Beware of using social media during a break up

Viberts' family law partner Rose Colley suggests some do's and don'ts to ensure that your social media activity doesn't work against you

Cohabiting couples: the legal rights in Jersey

Advocate Jamie Orchard clarifies the misconception that 'common law marriage' exists in Jersey and suggests what legal protection you may wish to put in place if you are living together but are not married.

Alternative dispute resolution: the out-of-court options

Advocate Alexander English talks through the different methods of alternative dispute resolution available in Jersey for those who want to avoid the court process.

Child maintenance payments – what rate is right?

English Solicitor Barbara Littler outlines the key considerations when agreeing a rate of child maintenance. Dependant on individual circumstances.

Buying a property in Jersey

Michael Falle shares some helpful guidance on who you need on your team and who does what when buying a property in Jersey.

Buying share transfer property in Jersey

Viberts' property partner James Lawrence explains what share transfer means and what you need to be aware of when buying a share transfer property in Jersey

Making a will in Jersey

Viberts' personal law partner Zoe Blomfield explains what you need to know about making a will in Jersey and why it is so important.

How to apply for fast track probate in Jersey

Karla covers how to obtain a grant of probate in Jersey. This will be needed for people who have died in the British Isles or UK and have assets in Jersey.

Who to appoint as an executor of a Jersey will

Ashley Bidmead explains who can be appointed as an executor and the things to consider when choosing either a professional or non-professional executor.

Is there a future for trust work in Jersey, post Panama?

Advocate Scholefield believes there is definitely a future for trusts in Jersey and here's why.

How will the new capacity law impact professional advisers & intermediaries in Jersey?

Advocate Baxter tells us why the new capacity law will affect professionals dealing with clients.

Have Trusts lost the advantage of privacy?

Advocate Scholefield explains how he thinks the many post-Panama transparency initiatives may affect trusts.

What does the future of Trust work in Jersey look like?

According to Advocate Scholefield, there will be more of an emphasis on succession planning and legitimate asset protection.

Key changes to the capacity and self-determination law in Jersey

Advocate Baxter describes the most important changes that will be made to the current system in Jersey including the introduction of a lasting power of attorney

The purpose of the Capacity & Self Determination Jersey Law

Advocate Baxter explains how the new capacity law will provide a framework to ensure people's right to autonomy and self-determination.

Why might the new capacity law be important to trustees & fiduciaries in Jersey?

Capacity is a fundamental requirement to ensuring a valid trust at set up and during its administration, so trustees and fiduciaries need to apply the appropriate tests.

A case where capacity tests have played a part

Our trust litigation experience means we can advise on best practice from a fiduciary perspective when setting up and administering a trust.

How can trustees minimise the impact of legal action brought by beneficiaries?

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield recommends a pragmatic and considered approach: examine how it would come across if your position were to be questioned by a hostile party.

How can lawyers best advise trustees?

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield recommends a simple approach: apply the theory of how a trust should work; clearly advise and inform the settlor; and future-proof the trust as far as possible.

Are trusts fit for purpose?

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield argues that they are, so long as future challenges are anticipated and managed effectively.

How “confidential” is a settlor’s letter of wishes?

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield argues that they are, so long as future challenges are anticipated and managed effectively.

Interview: Are Jersey trusts under threat?

Interview: Viberts' commercial partner Giles Baxter argues no - and that the traditional objectives of asset protection and family planning are the lead motivators for setting up trusts.

What approach should trustees take to investing?

Should a balanced portfolio include new asset classes? Viberts' Christopher Scholefield opines that a trustee needs to strike the right balance between safeguarding capital and generating inflation-beating returns for the beneficiary.

Interview: The classification of beneficiaries: why it matters

Interview: The classification of beneficiaries: why it matters.

What are the challenges facing trusts?

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield says that the bad press which trusts have had in recent years needs to be refuted.

Channel Island trusts – a safe haven, not evasion.

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield comments on the challenge of breaking down pre-conceptions about Channel Island trusts and establishing their credibility.

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