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How “confidential” is a settlor’s letter of wishes?

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield argues that they are, so long as future challenges are anticipated and managed effectively.

What approach should trustees take to investing?

Should a balanced portfolio include new asset classes? Viberts' Christopher Scholefield opines that a trustee needs to strike the right balance between safeguarding capital and generating inflation-beating returns for the beneficiary.

Interview: The classification of beneficiaries: why it matters

Interview: The classification of beneficiaries: why it matters.

What are the challenges facing trusts?

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield says that the bad press which trusts have had in recent years needs to be refuted.

Channel Island trusts – a safe haven, not evasion.

Viberts' Christopher Scholefield comments on the challenge of breaking down pre-conceptions about Channel Island trusts and establishing their credibility.

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