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Family dispute resolution

Whenever possible at Viberts we try to steer clients away from the court process towards the various dispute resolution methods.

family dispute resolution

In all cases we will consider the best method for each client:

a) Collaborative Law

We have the necessary training in collaboration law. The aim of this method is to discuss and hopefully resolve issues in a series of four-way meetings between clients and lawyers. This method can be hugely beneficial for opening up dialogue and finding solutions to the issues.

b) Mediation

In more straightforward cases, it may be useful for clients to attend sessions at the Jersey Mediation Service. However, many clients will want, or need, ‘lawyer-led’ mediation, where an experienced lawyer (usually from London) carries out the mediation. The costs are shared between parties and the method has a high success rate.

c) Arbitration

This is more akin to the court route in that the parties hand over responsibility for the decision-making to a third party (again normally a qualified lawyer-arbitrator from the UK). It has significant benefits over going to court as the process can be adapted to suit each case and it is cheaper and quicker than contested court proceedings.

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Free 30 minute family law consultation with our experienced family law team to discuss your matter.
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